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     Peter was in the house looking around the rooms. He was getting a strange eerie feeling around the house. A sheep was tagging along with him trotting at his side. Though oddly he didn't see any of the towns citizens around. It,just seemed void and empty. While strolling around he caught a glimpse of of light. He looked into the mirror and for a second he thought he saw the image of a wolf behind him. He spun around only to see nothing then he heard what sounded like sped up whispering until a dark mist started to leak from the floor boards "you're fault" the shadow whispered in a low echoed tone. "If only you'd thought about what you did it spoke.." As the shadow called Peter out on his past the mist took on a more memorable form of a wolf inching closer and closer to Peter "n-no"was all Peter could mutter starring at the wolf. He gripped his head trying to calm himself and felt a nudge on his leg. He looked down and saw his sheep though it didn't seem to notice the mist. Peter felt like minutes passed as he backed away from the wolf he closed his eyes muttering to himself "you're not real..." The more he repeated this the more the wolf denied it until finally it had faded. Peter not wanting to linger there much longer.
Writing is not my main skill so sorry if it's not the best ^^;
Veska3if Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
intersting :3
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November 30, 2013
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